Unleash Your Inner Sailor on a Special Cruise Holiday

There is nothing quite so adventurous as a sailing holiday. Whether you are an experienced sea dog or a complete newcomer to the idea, a trip on the ocean waves is sure to leave you feeling stimulated. It can also be very relaxing.

The real key to choosing decent sailing holidays is to match the kind of journey you are planning to the skills and expertise of those travelling. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of sailing holiday to choose from and it is wise, for safety and comfort’s sake, to opt for the kind of trip that will suit you.

The first type of boat charter is for a crewed vessel with a skipper. This is perfect for people who want the excitement of an ocean voyage without the test of nautical skill that sailing the boat themselves would be. This is the type of break that someone should take who wants to relax and enjoy the view. This type of holiday will transport you from port to port and allow you to explore the shoreline on foot at times.

Sail As Skipper

The second type of sailing holiday is where you skipper and crew the boat yourself, taking responsibility for navigation and safety. This can be very challenging indeed and should only be approached by someone who has considerable experience of life at sea and knows intimately how to sail a boat. This is a good option to take if you are capable and seasoned enough for a genuine nautical adventure, however.

There are gradations between these two categories, with many options allowing a mix of autonomous sailing and skippered boats. Travelling in a flotilla is often a good way to balance out the demands of sailing a boat yourself and navigating.

There is also the question of whether you prefer a trip on fresh water or salt water. There are many river systems within Europe that allow for great sailing holidays and let you explore the continent and obtain new perspectives in interesting ways. It is also possible to enjoy this kind of holiday in Britain, with the Norfolk Broads a great location, whilst some of Britain’s canals can also be explored by boat.

Choose Your Boat Wisely

The choice of vessel is also important, with a wide range of boats such as catamarans, powerboats and flotilla yachts available. Choose a vessel that appeals to everyone making the trip and if you are sailing it yourself, choose something you know that you can handle. Booking sailing holidays where you actually learn to sail as you go might be another option if you feel you want to develop your skills further.

Whatever your choice of holiday, always make sure that you plan it properly. The trip needs an appropriate level of crewing and everyone travelling must be comfortable with the arrangements you have made. If this kind of preparation is in place, you should be able to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.


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