Twitter Direct Message Spam and Giving People Klout @DashBurst [Infographic]

10 Twitter Mistakes You Make in Real Life

Klout, a service which purports to measure social influence, also serves as a constant source of spam on Twitter. See, it’s not that the score itself is that bad, it’s just that nobody cares what your Klout score is, let alone who you gave Klout too. No one cares about their very own Klout score for that matter either except for a few high-strung marketers. So every communication involving the giving or receiving of Klout basically eats away at the productivity of all humankind. So thank you for giving @DashBurst that corny +K, but just know that your tweet chipped away at the cherished bandwidth of our Internet, providing zero value at the expense of both our time.

DashBurst and The Maple Kind – Sweet Social Media Infographics & Comics


12 thoughts on “Twitter Direct Message Spam and Giving People Klout @DashBurst [Infographic]

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