Do-It-Yourself Self-Guided NAPA Wine Tour

There is a new tour company, Harvest Wine Tours, providing a very unique approach to touring wineries of Napa & Sonoma. With these tours, wine lovers do not need to hire a driver, although they can if they want. The wineries included in the Napa and Sonoma wine tours are chosen based upon several factors; the quality of the wines, the ambiance of the winery, and the level of personalized service provided by the winery staff. Each self-guided wine tour includes a specially selected winery for a picnic lunch, one of the many challenges faced by visitors to the wine country. The tours are designed to be extremely flexible so that users can start their day whatever time they want, stay at each winery as long as they want, and move on to the next winery when they are ready… visiting as many of the hidden wineries of Napa & Sonoma as their day allows. It is a self-guided wine tour that provides the information needed to visit the best wineries of Napa & Sonoma.

Most tour companies provide either a tour bus or a limousine that visits specific wineries on a set time table. Harvest Wine Tours doesn’t provide either. According to owner Michael Weiner, “I started Harvest Wine Tours to be able to provide people with something I always wanted when I began visiting the wine country … recommendations of the very best wineries to visit. I found a lot of tour companies that were willing to recommend wineries as a part of their tour service, but I never found a company that would just provide me with a list of the best wineries. So I decided to start a company dedicated to the design of Self-Guided Wine Tours visiting the best wineries of Napa and Sonoma.”

Image Credit: An American Girl in Transit


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