Yosemite Night Skies Photography Shows the National Park in a New Light

YExplore, a leader in providing Yosemite photography workshops, has announced an all new “Night Skies Photography” program with rising landscape photographer Jesse Summers. Summers has gained international acclaim as a talented nightscape photographer with photos such as “Night Sailing” and “Stars over the Honeymoon Suite”. YExplore owner and Founder, John DeGrazio is excited to partner with Summers by sharing this distinct offering with Yosemite visitors. “Jesse Summers has established himself as an innovative artist in the world of landscape photography,” DeGrazio states. “And we are pleased to share his unique perspectives with those wishing to create their own striking Yosemite images under the night sky.”

In this workshop, photographers will learn the most difficult and one of the most exciting facets of landscape photography: capturing images at night with the stars overhead. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to shoot remarkable sunrises and sunsets, learn about the basics of landscape photography composition, and discuss aspects of post-processing. They will likely also learn some basic astronomy to help prepare for their photography experience.

Image Credit: Yexplore

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