Be a Pirate on AJ’s Blackbeard Cruise in Destin

Be a Pirate on AJ's Blackbeard Cruise in Destin

Families can now cruise the Destin Harbor aboard an authentic wooden sailboat on a pirate adventure with Captain Blackbeard when they book The Original Destin Pirate Cruise through Guests are served complimentary beer, wine, and sodas and kids get Booty Bag souvenirs. Dolphin encounters are common during the 1.5-hour tour, and, as such, guests are encouraged to bring a camera to capture the moment. Gratuity for the crew is greatly appreciated.

The Original Destin Pirate Cruise with Blackbeard has a 4.5 star Shock Rating on Here is what the TripShock community had to say about their tour experience.

“We (kids, parents, and grandparents) really enjoyed the cruise! We saw dolphins swimming, enjoyed the beer and wine, and the crew was great! We’ll go again next time we are in Destin for sure!”

Image Credit: Flickr


15 thoughts on “Be a Pirate on AJ’s Blackbeard Cruise in Destin

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