Garristown Church & Cemetery

Garristown is a village in the rural part of Fingal, in the north western corner of the former County Dublin, Ireland. It is located in hilly country, sloping down from west to east, with views towards the hills around the Naul

Ed Mooney Photography

Garristown 1

I have a distinctive memory of these ruins which I came across as you do, by complete accident whilst heading from Dublin to Meath in search of another potential ruin. As it happens the reason this site stuck in my head was not for any distinctive features it might have possessed, after all ruined churches like this are a dime a dozen and can be found scattered across the country. But the niggling pain I was experiencing between my shoulder blades, which got progressively worse as the day went on. Driving became very uncomfortable and using the camera was no easy task. I put this down to a strained muscle and continued on my journey. I actually managed to visit six out of the seven sites I had planned for the day, before I had to call it a day and head home, so with the inclusion of Garristown I…

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