The Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia


day 4

I woke up feeling cold and achy from the cramped night spent in the tent, but I quickly learned that it could have been much worse when I heard that one of my tourmates had spent the night holed up in the outhouse feeling very sick. Maybe it was the goat, maybe it was the wrath of Khan. Wherever it came from, he wouldn’t be the last to be stricken.
Thankfully the drive to the first stop of the day was a very short one.

Yolyn Am, or Eagle Valley, is a hidden gem located in the foothills of the Altai Mountains. It’s famous as a place where you can find a sort of glacier lasting almost all year long, but my guide said that hasn’t been true for years due to climate change. It’s still a beautiful little valley with a small stream running through the steep…

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