Astro photography – A beginners guide to photographing the Milkyway @ingridkjelling

Ingrid Kjelling Photography

I’ve recently fallen in love with nightsky/astro photography and capturing the milkyway galaxy cloud.It is amazing what your camera is able to capture, and It is super exciting when that 30 second exposure finishes and you get to see what magic you’ve captured.  I am a beginner in astro photography, but since I did a lot of research before I went out in the field I’ve already managed to get a few decent shots for my astro portfolio. In this post I’ll share some of the not so secret ‘secrets’ behind capturing a successful milkyway photograph.

Milkyway astro photography ingrid kjelling ‘The rising milkyway’ by Ingrid Kjelling. Shot with Canon eos 5dmkII – Samyang 14mm f2.8 f2.8, 30sec, ISO3200

Time and Location.
If you want to capture the milkyway you can’t just go anywhere, any night of the month at any time. The milkyway rises and sets just like the sun, the same goes for…

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