The Other Road to Hana: The Lesser Known Side of Haleakala National Park

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The better known road to Hana has a 30 mile stretch with 550 curves and over 50 one lane bridges through the rain forest. However, there is a  back way, but the car rental companies don’t want you to drive there.  The road is dry and relatively straight.  A few sections are a little bumpy or of graded gravel.  It is a series of narrow blind spots that have the car rental companies spooked.  You come to the top of a short steep hill on a one lane wide road and there is zero visibility with the possibility of oncoming traffic.

Eventually you arrive at Kipahulu, the lesser known side of Haleakala National Park. It will take another 20 minutes to reach Hana making it one of the hardest places to reach on Maui. Kipahulu is famous for its waterfalls and fresh water pools.

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