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A couple of weeks I was asked by someone about buying cameras.  They wanted to get a new camera but had no idea what to choose.  I told the person I had written a post on how to work out what camera is right for you,  What you want in a Camera , and they said it was very helpful.  I wrote that post over a year ago and I know that people could contribute more to this discussion.  This is not a discussion on which is better, Nikon or Canon, the reality is they’re both good, end of that.  I don’t mind you talking about why you choose one over the other, I will do that too, but in the end it probably doesn’t matter what you choose.  I will go first.

747px-Pentax_K1000I started taking photos over 20 years ago, that is with a SLR.  I’ve spoken about this before…

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Just Another Street In Hong Kong – Don’t Worry, There’s Food…

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Hong Kong is full of more nooks and crannies that you can shake a stick at.  Led usually by our appetites to some great dining experience we want to try, the happy by-product is often the discovery of not only great food but also of some wicked area we had no idea really existed. In this case, copious articles, blogs and reviews has led us to become aware of the existence of a dessert that sounded so awesome, so indulgent and so joy-making that we were powerless NOT to try it.  Ironically, the first times we visited the particular restaurant in question, we gorged so much on the savoury courses we didn’t actually make it to the dessert.  Oh, the shame.  But oh, the excuse for a return visit, hehehe… Let’s introduce you to the street first – Stone Nullah Lane in Wanchai.  The area of Wanchai was actually one…

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Photos: Mahaulepu Trail and Other Delights #Hawaii

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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

These were photographed on the Mahaulepu Trail, at various beaches or in the hills behind Kapaa.  I did eat every bite of the delicious Ronald Burger at Joe’s on the Green in Poipu.

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Santo Domingo’s Colonial District, Zona Colonial @LeoraNovick

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2014-03-14 12.33.54 When people think of the Dominican Republic, they generally imagine the sandy shores of Punta Cana, all-inclusive resorts, and raucous spring breakers, drunk off of the ever flowing rum on tap. On my latest trip I opted to explore a more historical side of this country, and flew to Santo Domingo, the site of Christopher Columbus’s first successful city in the New World.

The main historical tourist attractions in Santo Domingo are located in the Zona Colonial, or the Colonial District. In this ten block radius travelers can walk down Calle Las Damas, the first paved road in the New World, explore Christopher Columbus’s stately home, taste the home grown chocolate at the Chocolate Museum, and take a horse-drawn carriage ride down the cobble-stoned streets. The citizens of this city are very proud of their country’s heritage, many offering a history lesson to any interested parties.

Some of my favorite…

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